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Image source: Go to your business manager (Business manager) Click on ‘Brand Security’ and then choose ‘Domains’ Click on ‘Add’ (a pop-up will now open) Enter the domain you want to verify here Now you get to see the different options with accompanying manuals. Of course, you can also read the Facebook article for more information. 3. Make a plan for the 8 conversion events Make a plan for which 8 conversion events are most important to your company, so that you can take immediate action when the new function in the events manager is available. This is primarily about optimization of the campaigns , so which event is the most important for your company? Take a look at your previous campaigns to see which conversion events delivered the best results.

Daily And That Have a High Quality

For example, was it ‘Add to cart’ or ‘Purchase’? 4. Prepare for a world with fewer cookies. It is wise to look into third party tracking tools and additional ways to measure conversions. A practical and simple way that often works in practice is to use a separate landing page per campaign. And to add tags to any subscriptions to mailing lists Falkland Islands B2B List through which campaign/page these came in. Of course, the use of UTM codes in combination with Google Analytics is recommended. Advertising is changing. Fast. The purpose of this article is to provide you with tools to continue advertising safely on Facebook and Instagram, despite the rapidly changing advertising landscape. Realize that getting attention is an essential component of marketing. You can’t sell without attention, so that will always be the case.


And That Have a High Quality

Facebook and Instagram are still one of the largest social media platforms worldwide. Many people come here every day. Your ideal customer’s attention is simply still there, which is why we see in practice every day that ads still work great for our customers. Let’s be honest. It’s also why Facebook makes so much money from advertising, because if it didn’t work, companies would stop advertising immediately. In addition, it is good to realize that if a company makes so much money from selling advertisements, they do everything internally to help advertisers achieve success, now and in the future. Their core business is to sell advertisements. For now, it is recommended that you perform the above steps and prepare for the upcoming changes. While you’re still here, leave a comment with your #1 lesson from this article! If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below, I’d love to read them. Photo header via Pexels .

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