That Sounds Very Relevant and Handy to Use but These Are Fairly

Then comes the target audience that I personally am the least fan of. But for the sake of completeness I will include it in the overview. This concerns the affinity target groups. These are target groups that are tailored to your interests and habits. For example, a target group is ‘News and Politics’. That sounds very relevant and handy to use, but these are fairly broad target groups. You quickly fall into a certain target group, which means that the target groups are large. I personally only use this if I want to set up a full-funnel YouTube campaign. If not, I mainly use the other audiences. If you still want to target in the SEE phase, but do you think the demographics are too broad? Then check whether there is no target group in ‘Life event’ that is relevant to your business. Here are target groups of people who have just made a serious switch in daily life. Think, for example, of retiring or buying a house, but also smaller events such as a new pet or a home renovation are in between! 2.

Sounds Very Relevant and Handy to Use but These Are Fairly

THINK Phase Perhaps the most well-known of all Google Ads audiences is the In-market audiences. These include individuals who actively research or plan on specific topics. There are hundreds of examples. For example, think of people who are interested in purchasing golf equipment or people US Companies Board of Directors Email Addresses who are interested in purchasing a baby, toddler or child car seat. As the name implies, these target groups are much more specific and therefore much smaller. This allows you to reach people who are already actively doing research or are orienting themselves towards certain products or services. It is therefore also a typical target group that is used if you want to reach people who are in the THINK phase. A target group that can also perfectly match the THINK phase is the Custom-intent target group.


Very Relevant and Handy to Use but These Are Fairly

Here you put together a target group by means of keywords. As soon as someone uses one of these words (in the Google search network), this person ends up in this list. The big advantage of this target group is that you have a lot of influence yourself. I always create Custom-intent audiences based on the search intent. For example, someone searching for “buy iPhone 12 pro max case red” is much further along in the search than someone searching for “Phone case”. By tweaking your keywords in this way, you can also create excellent Custom-intent target groups for the DO phase, for example. The advantage is that you can influence the size of the target group yourself. If you want to reach more people, just enter more search terms. Note: it is advisable to use at least 50 different search terms.

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