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Launched three years ago and only a month ago it Iceland Phone Number obtained a valuation. Since Russia decided to launch a strong military offensive against Ukraine last Wednesday.The flames of war have crackled loudly in Eastern Europe. The gestures of solidarity.  The Ukrainian Iceland Phone Number people are coming from all corners of the planet and a good number of them bear the rubric of the thriving video game industry. Several Ukrainian studios CZB Directory specializing in video game Iceland Phone Number development and also leading members of the gaming community have raised their voices against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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In response to the advance of Vladimir Putin’s troops towards Kiev, several local companies attached to the “gaming” universe have wanted to comment Iceland Phone Number on the delicate situation currently facing Ukraine. Frogwares  Tallboys  Vostok Games and GSC Game. World have called for an end to the attacks through their respective Twitter accounts and Iceland Phone Number have highlighted Ukraine’s independence.

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The video game industry does not forget Ukraine Iceland Phone Number Both the video game developer GSC Game World. and the Ukrainian eSports organization Natus Vincere . Requested help for the Ukrainian military. But calls from the gaming industry against the cessation of Iceland Phone Number hostilities in Ukraine are also coming from abroad. The Polish studio behind the “This War of Mine” video game  has issued an anti-war statement and announced that revenue . Storefront GOG has also announced that it will also donate its fair share of the revenue generated. This War of Mine” to the Ukrainian Iceland Phone Number Red Cross. On the other hand, the American «gaming» studio Bungie has also joined. The wave of solidarity towards the Ukrainian people announcing.  Game2Give is a charity event that Bungie hosts each year .

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