The 10 Basic Rules of Social Media Marketing

The third step is to identify a suitable trigger. Preferably one with a deadline. For example, a company event, the start of an advertising campaign or the launch of a new product. That keeps your project moving. Working towards a concrete end goal provides focus Morocco Phone Number List and urgency. Take a look in your content calendar to see which topics you could use video for.

Arrange amenities

Then it is time to arrange the facilities: choosing and  Morocco Phone Number setting up a recording location (which can be a recording studio), having scripts and music made, arranging editing, selecting and preparing (social) media channels. But also setting up an end-to-end process, from devising the video topic to monitoring the effect on social media. And augment existing content calendars with video assets to ensure video stays on the radar.

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6. Good explanation sets frameworks

Then ensure good, company-wide and ongoing Morocco Phone Number List  communication about the how, what and why of video communication your way. Including practical guidelines and tools. Invite the organization to participate by making your own videos. Let management lead by example, for example by having the director vlog or turn the weekly MT meeting into a short video report.

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