The 5 Key Steps To Validate Before Launching Your Activity

Have you decided to go into entrepreneurship? Before making your project a reality, it is important to take stock of the beginnings of the creation of a business. Focus on the essential steps to validate before starting your activity. Every business, whether a multinational or an SME, started with an idea or several ideas. Trust your intuition, study the feasibility of your idea and develop it. The ideal would be to put the outline of your project in black and white . This will help you define the needs of your target audience and position your concept against the competition. Already think about the strategies you will use to access the market and the means at your disposal. Market research In order to ensure the commercial feasibility of his project, the entrepreneur must first consider a market study.

The market study also consists in detecting the constraints that will have to be confronted. At this stage, the needs and expectations of potential customers are studied in depth. And it is also at this stage that you must determine the strategies that would allow your company to stand out, thanks to original ideas or new innovations. Market research also involves the methodical analysis of products, the estimation of turnover and objectives. The information collected will make it possible to determine the strategies to be adopted for the launch of the products, the prices to be applied, the distribution channels to be favored as well as the most effective communication media. Specialized platforms, such as Pole-autoentrepreneur , are for example real gateways for self-entrepreneurs. The latter will benefit from the support and tools necessary to launch their micro-enterprise activity .

Determine Funding Needs And Sources

The development of the business plan The business plan is a crucial document because it describes: the concrete figures of the project, the required financial needs, the cash required to launch the activity. At this stage, the future entrepreneur will determine the cost price of his products or services . Human and technical investments will also be Japan Phone Number List taken into account. The business plan is an effective tool which makes it possible to estimate the income statement, to establish the cash flow and financing plan. To sum up, a business in good and due form must be able to answer several questions: What is the legal form of the business? What is she selling? Who are the clients ? What is the most economical distribution network? What is the business plan to adopt?

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Attention, it will also be necessary to estimate the return on investment by developing the cash flow forecast. Determine funding needs and sources Any business creation project requires financial plans that aim to achieve the predefined objectives and ensure the profitability of the activity. The entrepreneur will therefore have to determine the sources of financing available: personal contribution, bank loans, contributions from partners, etc. Also count on organizations such as BPIfrance which support companies at all stages of their growth. It is also an essential financial partner. In addition, you can finance the launch thanks to bank loans, but it will be necessary to carefully prepare the business creation files in order to convince the bankers of the profitability of your project. Please note that a personal contribution of nearly 20% of the financing requirement will be required.

Choose The Status Of Your Company

There is also the loan of honor, which requires neither guarantees nor interest . The company undertakes on its honor to repay the loan, within a period of less than 5 years. Crowdfunding is also one of the sources of financing the launch of an activity. The concept is rather revolutionary, as it is based on crowdfunding. In other words, many people invest a small amount for the realization of your project. But it will be necessary to adhere to a reliable platform, therefore, check the audience of the crowdfunding site, find out about its success rate and the different types of funding granted. Choose the status of your company Finally, the choice of status is the last step before launching your activity. The legal form will thus according the number of partners, the nature and amount.

In particular, the site makes its know-how available to entrepreneurs to manage the legal needs of the company: creation of a business, status change, collection of outstanding payments, approval of accounts, brand protection. The last straight line consists of carrying out the administrative procedures required for the creation of the company. These include registration in the trade and companies register. Beforehand, you must choose the name of the company and its logo. which will allow the public to identify it easily. As a bonus: the administrative formalities for the creation of a company. The declaration of the activity and the registration of the company.  the Sirene directory of INSEE or the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, of the.


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