The administrative court functions as the trial work of administrative

In our country’s administrative relief system, when the parties are dissatisfied with the disadvantageous points made by the administrative organs and believe that their rights and interests are infringed, they Kazakhstan Phone Number must first file a petition,  doctrine calls this “appeal prepositionalism”, and similar mechanisms also appear in civil servant-related cases. Faculty Grievance Procedures in Relevant Cases.

Taking the petition procedure with the highest proportion

as an example, according to the statistics released substantively reviewed 9,290 petition cases in 2018, of which only 724 had their original sanctions revoked, and more than 92% of the remaining petitions were dismissed.

However, some parties refused to accept the result of the appeal and continued to file administrative lawsuits.

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According to the statistics of the Judicial  the original appeal decision.

In other words, the petition procedure, as a  administrative  perform error correction in 1 in 10 cases.

To put it simply, “every 10 cases will be judged wrongly.. It also implies that a considerable proportion of the petition

procedure is wasting time, djustice until the number of times they usually need. years of administrative litigation.

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