The Algorithm Distributes The Budget

For example, by looking at whether you can combine target groups in an account. You ensure that the amount of ad sets/campaigns decreases. This allows the algorithm to learn faster to deliver stable results, allowing you to scale up sooner. Also read: 7 tips for a Facebook ad that does get clicked 3. Campaign Budget Optimization This functionality has caused quite a stir in the world of Facebook marketing. With Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) you no longer work with budgets at the ad set level, but at the campaign level. Where previously ad set budgets (ABO) were the standard, we manually gave a budget to an ad set. Or that an ad set did not perform well at all and you therefore started shifting budgets to get optimal results.

Algorithm Distributes The Budget

The algorithm distributes the budget (campaign level) in a way that best suits your objectives. Do you want to get maximum conversions? Then the algorithm will spend the most budget in the ad set that gets the highest number of conversions. Do you mainly want to work on CPA or ROAS? Then of course you can! Below you see a figure that visualizes the operation of the CBO versus ABO method: How the CBO versus ABO method works 4. Automatic placements Italian Consumer Phone List Gone are the days when you also create different ad sets for different placements. You can adjust the ad for different placements (think Squared images and Stories), so you don’t have to worry about suddenly seeing a crazy Story ad ;-). You activate automatic placements by editing your ad set.


Distributes The Budget

And there by scrolling to the piece placements, as can be seen in the image below. Placements The operation actually speaks for itself. By showing your ads rotated across all placements, the algorithm collects a lot of data and discovers which placements work best for your campaign and objectives. You will see that if a placement yields little, it will also be little or not included when serving your ads. You map this data by using specifications. Dynamic ads To complete your entire Power strategy, I would like to share the dynamic ads with you. These are extremely valuable, because they make your ads extra relevant for every individual. Has someone visited specific products on your website, interacted with products in your app, or expressed interest by liking/sharing specific posts?

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