The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Advanced tools such as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence. Machine learning allow today to overcome the limits of business intelligence. Proactively exploit the information obtainable from corporate data analysis. A leap forward is necessary to understand purchasing behaviors. Which have radically changed in recent years”Not just a technology that acts as a support, but a technology that proposes”. In this way Giorgio Moresi , Executive Director in Visual & Search Analytics at SDG Group , summarizes the role that data analytics for marketing and sales should have today.

Digital Marketing: Social Media Marketing Myths

But how can this be South Korea Phone Number achieved? And, above all, how can you really improve marketing and sales performance by leveraging analytics?Traditionally, when there is a product to sell, the sales department sets itself a goal first and foremost. To achieve it, he defines plans and budgets and uses the most appropriate channels. Tools that allow him to implement all possible actions aimed at selling. Among these tools, we also find the data analysis systems collected by the company . How to use them to get useful information?

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For some time – explains Giorgio Moresi – there has been talk of big data, predictive analytics and machine learning but this market has only exploded in the last 2-3 years. First there was the idea, but the technology was missing. With the arrival of adequate IT infrastructures, business intelligence has become truly intelligent. We have gone from a stage in which knowledge was sufficient, that is to understand what is happening, to a stage in which technology is proactive, proposes ideas and supports actions. According to Moresi, in the past on the business intelligence front there had been an exaggeration in the collection of data. At the base there was the concept of “the more I know and the better I act”, instea the result that was obtaine was the dispersion of knowledge. And since information acquires value when it is use,

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