Explanation Of The Benefits Of The Product

This feature allows you to customize search ad campaigns for people who have visited your website before.  By being creative with this, you increase the chance of a repeat purchase. Also read: Remarketing Lists for Search Ads: How to Use Them Smartly Specific audience targeting There are several audience targeting options within the search ad remarketing lists. It is possible to target a specific target group. Some examples of specific target groups: Converted Traffic Unconverted Traffic Visitors to a specific page Visitors who performed specific events Because you can approach a specific target group, it is possible to set up the advertisements with ‘targeted ad texts’. For example, you can show a discount code for unconverted website traffic.

The Benefits Of The Product

The biggest gains can be made from cross- and upselling. By preparing advertisements based on previously purchased products or services, you can anticipate future searches in Google with insider knowledge. Retarget website traffic in Switzerland Business Fax List the ultimate way within the Google search engine. Screenshot of specific targeting in Google Ads. Remarketing via the Analytics tag Remarketing can easily be set up with a link with Google Analytics. Then the management of your target groups is even easier and you can also respond to target groups based on specific segments from Google Analytics. You can respond based on events on your website (for example: added to shopping cart).


Benefits Of The Product

For which target group can you use RLSA?  It is important to think carefully about what a visitor is looking for and what their next related search could be. Within this example, five different ad sets are applied. These range from general to very specific ads. By being in the right place at the right time, you increase the chance of a repeat purchase. RLSA offers this possibility. Providing a good experience (again) will increase the chance of loyalty. Errand In contrast to the previous target groups, the RLSA campaigns therefore use search ads.

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