The Consumer May Have Doubts and Information About an External

Do you show products in your Instagram feed? Then tag the right products. Here too you must ensure that the correct stock is passed on. Stock and shipping Many web shops also use the stock notification to provide the consumer with information about the shipment. For example, Wehkamp sometimes uses ‘with 2 weeks in stock’ if the product is not in stock and at other times ‘2 more in stock’ when the product is almost out of stock. If there is sufficient supply, then it says ‘tomorrow in the house’. Screenshot of Wehkamp. Source: It happens that a product is in stock, but that the product is at an external warehouse or at the supplier itself. You may then be inclined to report this as ‘in stock at the supplier’ or ‘in stock at an external warehouse’.

Consumer May Have Doubts and Information About an External

However, such a notification is not recommended. The consumer may have doubts and information about an external warehouse is not relevant. Does a product have a longer shipping time because the product is India Phone Number List stored in an external warehouse, so that you cannot fulfill a promise such as ‘ordered today, delivered tomorrow’? It is then smarter to display a message such as: ‘in stock, 1-2 days delivery time’. Avoid a touch of drop shipment If you have your own stock with your own warehouses, then you naturally want to avoid that touch of drop shipment. Drop shipping is getting an increasingly negative connotation among consumers. More and more ‘cowboys’ are starting to use it and are making consumers wait for weeks due to poor information. The most commonly used stock notification on a drop shipment webs hop is ‘ordered today, shipped tomorrow’.


May Have Doubts and Information About an External

It does not state that it is shipped from China with a waiting time of several weeks. One last tip: don’t ‘fraud’ with stock numbers. Many “boost your ecommerce sales” lists tell you to tap into the FOMO feeling with customers. For example, if there are 3 pieces in stock and you choose to show this with a product to make the customer decide faster to buy the product. In itself nothing at all, because it can indeed be a conversion booster. But be honest about that. Customers will notice quickly enough if the number is incorrect. Consider, for example, a product of which 3 pieces are still in stock, but the customer can order more. Or that the number of pieces is not adjusted after purchase. Many customers revisit the product page after a purchase.

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