The Content Of An Affiliate Campaign Differs

In addition to these commissions (after a conversion has taken place), there are also advertisers who already reward affiliates for a performance prior to a sale or a lead. Phase 1 is about the preparation and implementation of the affiliate campaign. The start of the affiliate campaign is the second phase and phase 3 is the campaign management and optimization. You can download the practical infographic about the three phases of affiliate marketing here . Also read: The Future of Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing Phase 1: preparation and implementation of the affiliate campaign Before you start an affiliate campaign, you need to think carefully about a number of things.

Content Of An Affiliate Campaign Differs

The content of an affiliate campaign differs per product and/or per advertiser and goal of the campaign. There is actually no right or wrong, as long as the choices are well substantiated and made consciously. So pay a lot of attention to the preparation. This can save a lot of time and money in the future. The preparation focuses in Oman WhatsApp Number List particular on the choice of whether the product is suitable for affiliate marketing. We also look at which form, goals and possible networks are suitable for the campaign. Below are the main focus points for the preparation and implementation of an affiliate campaign. Affiliate campaign phase 1 in an infographic. If good research has been done and the above points have been completed, you can make an informed choice. You choose one or more networks for the campaign.


Of An Affiliate Campaign Differs

You may also come to the conclusion that your product or service is not or less suitable for affiliate marketing via an affiliate network. Advertisers regularly choose to start with multiple networks so that they can compare and see which network suits them best. It is therefore possible that an advertiser, after the trial period, eventually starts working exclusively with one network. Large and well-known affiliate networks in the Dutch market There are a number of large and well-known affiliate networks in the Dutch market. The most famous affiliate networks with advantages and disadvantages. After the preparation phase, you can start setting up the campaign. Phase 2: setting up the affiliate campaign Phase 2 is setting up the affiliate campaign. Now that you have chosen a network, it is very important to give the campaign a complete content right from the start.

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