The Customer Should Also Be Able to Easily Pay in a Few Seconds

But, given the outspoken ambitions of the largest. Social platform in the world, the metaverse is definitely a development to keep a close eye on. 9. Visual search Visual search provides a completely different user experience than the experience you already know. For example, by uploading an image you can find similar images in a few seconds, for example to gain inspiration. Some examples in the field of visual search: Pinterest came out with Lens before .  If you have a photo of a nice dining room, but especially like a specific chair, Bing Visual Search makes it easy to find where to buy it. Google has been active with Google Lens for a while now . With Google Lens you can also save things like a photo of a book and the summary and view reviews.

Customer Should Also Be Able to Easily Pay in a Few Seconds

You can also read about an artist during a museum visit, find similar products and see where to buy them and more. Visual search through Google Lens. Visual shopping Google introduced shoppable ads to Google Images after the company realized that about 50% of consumers were encouraged to make a purchase by an image. Only 8% of online retailers currently offer image search functionalities, while the Special Trade Contractors Email List younger generation especially enjoys being able to search in this way. In fact, at Pinterest, 80% of users start with a visual search before making a purchase. As a company nowadays you have to be in many different places at the same time in order to meet all expectations. Not all customers pick up the phone or send an email, but they also want to be able to send a WhatsApp message or an Instagram DM.


Should Also Be Able to Easily Pay in a Few Seconds

And when they do, they also want a quick response. Or with one answer, for example via a chatbot. Young people in particular do not want to call, but communicate with companies via text. The same way they do with their family and friends. Conversational commerce via WhatsApp women’s best. Image source: Hub type Conversational commerce can play a major role in making an online marketing dollar more profitable. Not every customer has the patience to view everything on your website, but you want to be able to ask everything via Messenger immediately after seeing a Facebook ad. If there is then, for example, WhatsApp contact, the customer should also be able to easily pay in a few seconds. If you don’t offer that, in many cases it will simply result in lower conversion rates and customer satisfaction figures. A missed opportunity, which is relatively easy to pick up. 11.

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