The expression of love should not be limited to a standard answer

The expression of love should not be limited to a standard answer. However, only with a clear understanding and concept of love can people correct their mentality and actions. Psychology does not provide an ultimate answer to love. But  a little inspiration, providing a framework to inspire us to reflect on our understanding of love. become a better person who knows how to love.

Triangular Theory of Love

According to Sternberg’s love triangle. The love South Africa Phone Number consists of Intimacy, Passion, and Commitment. Intimacy means that lovers can feel that both parties are closely connected. To share joy with each other, feel the support from each other. And cherish and respect each other in the relationship. Passion refers to a lover’s intense craving for a partner a craving that goes beyond sexual desire to include the pursuit of self-esteem, connection, and self-fulfillment.

In other words, Commitments can be divided into two categories according to their temporality. short-term commitments refer to the lover’s willingness to make up their minds to love someone. And long-term commitments refer to the lovers’ willingness to promise to love each other in the future. The interaction of the three elements forms different modes of love. Love that combines intimacy passion. And commitment is Sternberg’s theory of Consummate Love.

Theory of Love as Stories

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The second part of the double love theory. The love story theory, focuses on people’s subjective interpretations of love. In addition,  After Sternberg established the love triangle theory. found that although this theory. systematically describe the elements of love. It cannot explain all kinds of love phenomena.

For instance, The people fall in love with a specific object but not others. The couples after falling in love Sometimes you don’t love each other anymore. To further study love, Sternberg shifted the focus of his theory to the subjective thinking of individuals, beginning to understand. The people’s interpretations and imaginations of love affect their relationships with their partners.

Everyone has different opinions on love, and even if they agree that love is made up of intimacy, passion. And commitment, everyone has different opinions. The details of what love means and how to love. Sternberg calls these different ideas and claims about love stories. Family experiences, TV episodes, fairy tales. Our thoughts and expectations about love build on observations. The environment always had. And develop into our own set of understandings of love. The love stories in our minds.

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