The Faces Generated

We have already seen it during the pandemic: people who work on the front lines are essential in any sector. On the road  in hospitals  in stores  in manufacturing Russia Phone Number plants or in restaurants  in all. These places there are workers who deal with customers day after day. Despite their valuable work  many times they are not so « visible» for the top managers Russia Phone Number of the companies.

 By Ia Give The Hit And Are Already More Reliable Than The Real Ones

Now Meta (commonly known as Facebook) wants to Russia Phone Number bring executives closer to ordinary workers by integrating Workplace.   Its business social network  into WhatsApp   a much more Russia Phone Number widespread chat service . In this way, the technology giant aims to “empower workers with information” and help organizations “improve their ability to engage their people.

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” This idea already Russia Phone Number arose at the beginning of the pandemic  in 2020 . It is disappointing to see that there remains a Russia Phone Number clear disconnect in 2021. The front line and headquarters. Our integration is designed to help address that, to help bring employees closer to their Russia Phone Number organizations and ensure the information they need to do their jobs is at their fingertips.

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