The Industry to Fight Against Fraud Is Today More Necessary Than Ever

within 6 months. With ever-faster mobile connections, higher-quality cameras, and ever-increasing performance. It was only a matter of time before we’d be able to stream live video from our smartphones. Live streaming platforms like Twitch, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Memo, Meerkat, and Periscope are becoming more and more popular. Users can post streams as well as unique videos and generate revenue through advertising. A format that influencers who find in streaming a way. To get closer to the public and show off the naturalness that has led them to fame are becoming more and more frequent.

Industry to Fight Against Fraud Is Today More Necessary Than Ever

A study carried out by Wavemaker among a sample of. 209,867 and in 49 different markets, reveals that 10% of. LIVE Panel panelists admit to broadcasting live daily and only. 52.8% of those surveyed admit to never having done so. As digital ad spend grows around the world, so does fraud and its sophistication. According to data from the Israeli cybersecurity firm Cheq, up to 20% of investment falls Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List victim to network crimes, while 77% of fraud is much more sophisticated than the industry can assume. These data come from the analysis of. 4.1 billion ad requests made in the United States through 1.2 million domains between October 2018 and. February 2019 collected by Adweek. But the consequences of this situation not only affect the advertising industry, but should also concern users, collateral victims of fraud.


Fight Against Fraud Is Today More Necessary Than Ever

The collaboration of the industry to fight against fraud is today more necessary than ever, at a time when the lack of effective solutions to prevent and put an end to it, damages a system touched and almost sunk by the most lucrative cybercrime in the world. .First came the elimination of paper transport tickets, then payment by credit card on EMT buses and, now, the objective is the digitalization of the payment and recharge system and the virtualization of Metro de Madrid cards .

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