The Least Attachment To Brands

Young people review the opinions of youtubers , streamers and famous Hong Kong Phone Number personalities before making their purchase decision. They identify Hong Kong Phone Number with these and are more likely to buy a product through their recommendation. Their followers trust them, they are interested in what they do and consume, and therefore increase their attention. The Hong Kong Phone Number channels that young people use the most are Twitch  Tik Tok and Instagram .

For Whom It Is Increasingly Difficult

Already know which channels they should be on if they want to Hong Kong Phone Number make this type of audience fall in love. In the case of Twitch , its Hong Kong Phone Number success lies in the quality of the streamers and their community, as well as the content they create .In addition, it ends up generating a spirit of belonging to that community where they can share their Hong Kong Phone Number own language or emotions.

Hong Kong Phone Number

At the other extreme, there are platforms such as Facebook or Pinterest , forgotten by the young public. Facebook is very much based on writing, something that does not fit with Generation Z.And on average. The consumers consulted by Esch are able to Hong Kong Phone Number mention only 1.7 actions of a sustainable nature. When choosing the brands that they deposit in the shopping cart, consumers Hong Kong Phone Number continue to give priority to the usual factors: quality, price and functionality.


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