The More Chance Of Conversions

As a SEA specialist you no longer have to click on the ‘Apply’ button and you no longer have to wonder whether it is good or not. Google will determine that for you based on the algorithm. Nice right? Or not? It’s all about improving the quality of the Google Ads account. Why quality is so important The quality of the Google Ads account determines how well the campaigns will perform. This quality is made clear by the Opti score or Optimization score. Nowadays you can clearly see the Opti score as a percentage under the ‘Recommendations’ tab in your Google Ads account. The higher the number, the more you can get out of your Google Ads account. This number increases after you implement Google’s tailored recommendations. These recommendations are also all under the ‘Recommendations’ tab. Screenshot of the optimization score in Google Ads. By using AAR, you can apply all of these tailored recommendations without spending extra time. As a result, the Opti score will increase.

More Chance Of Conversions

The higher the Opti score, the more chance of conversions! Sounds simple right? Nevertheless, I believe that as SEA specialists we should be critical about Opti score and the recommendations. Not all recommendations will affect Spain Consumer Phone List  your account and if you then choose not to implement them, the performance of the entire account will be reduced. That is of course a strong conclusion from Google. Nevertheless, Opti score remains an important metric for Google Ads and AAR will depend on it. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages that you can take into account before switching completely to AAR. 4 benefits of AAR Of course, Google will not launch this feature if there were no benefits. A few advantages of AAR at a glance: 1. Less working time for SEA specialist Because Google actually takes over a number of tasks from you, you spend less time on the basic optimizations in the account. 2.


Chance Of Conversions

Be more concerned with strategy You actually have time left over if you are not busy every day with, for example, excluding search terms. This time can be well spent on the SEA strategy. The complaint with SEA specialists is that they often do not have time for this because they spend a lot of time on basic optimizations. 3. More conversions Due to the fast switching of Google, the account will learn faster and get better. This is good for your Opti score, so that you can ultimately achieve more conversions. 4. Best Practices become standard With AAR, you implement Google’s best practices by default. In any case, there are no more doubts about that. 3 disadvantages of AAR 1. You relinquish control Suppose you are in a complex market and you do not want to be visible on every search query, then you probably want to have more control and control the buttons yourself.

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