The Numbers Give A Good Idea

But it looks like Dutch marketers and advertisers will also be able to use more functionalities in the near future. Curious about all the facts and figures about the (advertising) possibilities of the TikTok platform for you as a marketer? Then scroll down to view the infographic. Click on the image for a larger copy. A Google Ads account can be large and extensive at times. How can you deploy campaigns and build a Google Ads account if, for example, you’re dealing with a customer’s website that has 100 or more locations across the country? In this article, I will dive deeper into it. Step 1. Check whether the website has a separate page per location? This is an important question if you are going to make choices about whether there will be (only) national campaigns. Or that there will also be local campaigns.

Numbers Give A Good Idea

If the website has a special page for each branch, this offers opportunities to set up a local campaign for each branch, where the landing page is from the branch. If this is not the case and you do not have those local location pages, then you are limited and you send traffic to the national page. In this article, I assume a situation in which Sweden B2B List you do have the option to send traffic to local pages. Google Ads interface, you can specify countries, municipalities, cities, and even zip code areas in which you want to show your ads. In addition, you can give ads and extensions a much more local approach so that the person who is searching sees that an answer to his or her question is nearby.


Give A Good Idea

Think of the fact that the city name can appear in the advertisement, but also a call extension that shows a local number. Or a location extension that shows exactly where the location can be found. Step 2. Determine which keywords you use locally and which you use nationally Knowing that you have the ability to direct visitors to specific location pages, it’s important to determine which keywords are targeting the local page(s). And which keywords should refer to the national page. rural My advice would be to always use keywords that have a branded character nationally. The reason for this is that you are nationally visible as soon as someone searches for such a term, ie your company name.

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