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Assembly and design .photo editing (photo retouching) is a technique that allows us to edit any image in order to adapt it to our needs. Unlike a few years ago. today a very high (or scandalous) percentage Paraguay Phone Number of the population carries a camera in pocket. Which usually called a “mobile phone” or simply “mobile”. It is one of the consequences of the advancement of technology . This technology, which will continue to surprise us throughout our lives (we hope always for the better), has meant that we not only carry a camera in our pocket, but also a graphic editor .

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Many of the applications for mobile phones related to graphic editing available in download catalogs (google play and app store) are born. Pocket alternatives: prelude to the great and powerful photo editors. Let’s take a look at some of these applications. They are very curious and a treasure or bane for any “addict” to social networks . But they can also be use to “scan” documents and later optimize the content (a widely used function). In addition, they are a stimulus to foster the creativity of boys and girls: future graphic designers . I hope the “kings and queens” of graphic editing will excuse me.

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About the well-known “photoshop” program or the most famous free program (free software) “gimp” : i’m sorry but you are already very “seen” (and never better said). All the content that we are going to see next can be solve in a very similar way with either of these two great ones. Unlike the programs for mobile phones (applications – application – app), they are much more intuitive and easy to handle by the user, although they do not offer the same quality as the aforementioned software. We will base ourselves on the catalogs of applications for “android” and “ios”, which currently have the oligopoly of our mobile terminals. Camscanner, a scanner in your hand it is very

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