The Role And Added Value Of Our Ppc

Hidden in this anecdote is one of the most important lessons for social marketers: be authentic. By adopting a human, sincere, and ‘real’ attitude, you gain trust. Trust that you don’t lose that easily when you make false promises or present a company, brand, or product better than it actually is. 2. Use the right visual language and symbols In addition to portraits, group portraits were also a very popular subject at that time. Rembrandt, of course, mastered this art form down to the last detail. At the age of 25 he painted the famous ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp’, a group portrait of surgeons receiving a lesson in human anatomy. The anatomy lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulip The painting is full of symbolism. This escapes most viewers from this time but is clear for the original target group: surgeons in the 17th century. The painting was intended for an Amsterdam surgeon’s room.

Role And Added Value Of Our Ppc

A space that was not accessible to others. The client, Nicolaes Tulp himself, was, therefore, able to focus the message and all the symbolism that clarifies that message, directly on that target group. One of the symbols in the book of the renowned 16th-century physician Andreas Vesalius, one of the founders of modern anatomy. In the book, there is an image of an openwork arm. Rembrandt has Tulp dissect an arm as a reference to that image from Barbados B2B List Vesalius’ book. dr. With this painting, Tulip wanted to say that he was at least as good as Vesalius. Something that will now completely elude most people. Also read: 7 key trends in social advertising for 2021 Symbols and icons are also valuable for social advertising. They can reinforce your message and immediately evoke recognition from your target group. However, realize that you can also exclude other target groups: those who do not recognize the visual language or the symbolism. Of course, that doesn’t have to be a disadvantage. With specific symbolism, you can strengthen the ‘we-feeling’ of your target group and your brand. 3.


And Added Value Of Our Ppc

Choose the right ad format The way in which people would see the painting for the first time was also clear to him from the start. The painting was intended for a wall that moved to the right of the viewer upon entry. Rembrandt played with perspective: the body is depicted from that ‘entrance position’ in such a way that the viewer who enters the space experiences depth. The feet of the corpse almost literally come at you. This choice has a price: viewed from the other side of the painting, the proportions of the corpse are no longer correct. The body seems to have shrunk from that angle. The anatomy lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulip Also for social advertising, knowledge of the way in which your target group ‘looks’ is of great importance. It largely determines which ad variant you can best use. For example, you can also advertise for full-screen videos on YouTube in addition to the classic horizontally oriented video ads. However, those are only shown in full glory on smartphones in portrait mode.

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