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The camera is one of the main elements Azerbaijan Phone Number when choosing a smartphone or another. wanted to demonstrate the potential of its Azerbaijan Phone Number new model, 11T, with a photographic masterclass in Seville. This city has been the protagonist of one of the brand’s latest communication campaigns. To carry out its objectives, it had the help of Azerbaijan Phone Number several content creators.

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The , with more than half a million followers on social networks, was one of the participants. Having an urban style and more linked to Generation Z .  He Azerbaijan Phone Number made his images in the pavilions of Expo 92 and in the viewpoint of Las Setas. It taught students mobile photography tips and tricks and had over 1,000 attendees.

Azerbaijan Phone Number

Both in Azerbaijan Phone Number person and online. seeks to convey the value of mobile photography On the other hand, Spain collaborated with the International School of Photography and Cinema In this case, it was the Azerbaijan Phone Number Dos Más en la Mesa photographers who did another masterclass to share their career and their photographic vision.


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