Then Make Sure That Your Advertising Campaign Comes Up When

This way you ensure an optimal result. Report and use real time reporting . You have insight into the results for 24 hours from the moment the campaign starts. View breakdowns in age groups, gender difference, desktop or mobile users, and genres to optimize your ads to the audience that shows the best results. Audio is a perfect choice to create awareness and increase your reach, while using video for more traffic. You get the best result if you combine both options. Tip : make an audio or video spot no longer than 30 seconds. Got excited about Spotify Advertising? Put the focus on the user. They are very consciously listening. Do not interrupt your target group in their activity, but provide them with relevant information with your advertisement and match content with the moment. Also in 2022, the work for you as a SEA marketer can change significantly.

Make Sure That Your Advertising Campaign Comes Up When

Think of leveraging machine learning for your Performance Max campaigns, but also of the responsive search ads that are becoming the standard. Or the greening of search engines. To ensure that you have a clear overview of where your opportunities lie, in this article I will tell you everything about the seven most important SEA trends in 2022. SEA in 2021: a look back What trends determined your SEA Tv And Radio Broadcasting Email List work in 2021? The acceleration of digital transformation in many companies as a result of the COVID crisis . It was more important than ever for search specialists to make clear the value of online. And to ensure that budgets do not immediately shift back to offline in the event of relaxation. Have you also used the past year to create more synergy between offline and online? It became more important for search marketers to broaden their knowledge as keywords became less and less important by Google. Also, the visible search terms in accounts were greatly reduced, making it more difficult to exclude keywords.


That Your Advertising Campaign Comes Up When

Control is increasingly moving towards platforms such as Google or Microsoft, making it important in the coming year that you, for example, delve into enriching your customer data. So that you can base personas on this. The announcement of Google Consent Mode and Conversion Modeling has helped advertisers and marketers prepare for the Cookie less Era . This trend will continue into the new year, especially now that Google has announced it will stop supporting third-party data only in 2023. Later in this article you will read more about how you can prepare for this change in 2022. 1. Relinquish control with Auto Applied Recommendations 2. Maximize your campaign results 3. Plant trees while using a search engine 4. Send on POAS (the new ROAS) 5. Prepare for the first-party data future 6. Create more headlines and descriptions 7. Simplify your account structure 1.

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