Then Next Year Is A Good Time

Attributes are mainly used to better describe products. For example, you should think of dimensions, color and weight. Attributes By not correctly filling in or adding these attributes, important conversion enhancers such as a filtering or internal search engine do not work or do not work sufficiently. And as soon as the consumer has doubts, you have lost the order. A webs hop is then sought where all product information is available. The product information is often present in the company, but there is no product information system (PIM) where everything is collected centrally. This can be added directly to your webs hop software, for example. Or you can link a separate PIM system. Unique product data and content is not only worth its weight in gold as information for consumers. It can also be used in your SEO and SEA strategy, your presence on marketplaces , sales to B2B and your employees on the shop floor or customer service are also directly informed. In this way they always have access to the correct information, even when selling through other channels. Don’t have this in order yet?

Next Year Is A Good Time

Then next year is a good time to start. I can imagine that if you carry thousands of products, this feels like a real job. Split your products and start with your bestsellers, for example. Product label for your webs hop. More technical e-commerce innovations Of course I could have supplemented the above trends with popular words such as UAE WhatsApp Number List augmented reality, artificial intelligence, progressive web apps and voice commerce . Very nice technical innovation with which I, but also you, could certainly have stolen the show. These are words that will make many board members very happy if you have this on your list for the coming year. Some companies are certainly also ready to take the first steps with these innovations. But the majority not yet. In the coming year, focus on the above trends. Trends that are manageable, do not immediately require huge financial investments from the organization and can still yield growth.


Year Is A Good Time

Let the pioneers pioneer with, for example, a PWA webs hop. Let them explore the road for you. Keep an eye out for them, but don’t be nervous about missing the boat. One thing I know for sure: 2021 will be a good year for e-commerce. IN recent years, there has been an increasing emphasis on data collection and analysis. With all the data readily available, you may wonder whether marketers can still afford not to use data analysis. But with all those numbers you quickly lose the overview. What can you do about that? As a marketer, your success often depends on the smallest details in the total customer journey. Knowing the consumer of your product or service is the foundation of your work. The data you need to work in a targeted manner is usually readily available. Once you have the tools in house, performing a good analysis is a matter of combining the right data and running an analysis with it. But marketers are often hesitant when it comes to data analytics.

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