There Is a Large Target Group on Spotify but What They Listen

The different possibilities within Spotify Ads. Choose from different formats such as audio, video or use both options. Audio is best used to achieve more reach and video is better if you want to generate more traffic to your website. Spotify Ads provide a high emotional engagement, more than other online channels (+15% audio, +14% video). Video ads are only served to active users. For example, if the user clicks on a new list. When the user has seen a video ad, purchase intent is 18% higher compared to other platforms, according to research from Spotify and Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience . Choose the voice-over during the creation and leave instructions if, for example, a silence has to fall. Upload an image or choose one from the Spotify library. And don’t forget the CTA button with the correct URL. You can then immediately check what your advertising will look like on desktop and mobile. Creating a new ad. Choose the frequent: daily, weekly or monthly. Then click on ‘create’.

Large Target Group on Spotify but What They Listen

The team gets to work on your spot with 3D sound. Within 24 hours you will receive your advertising spot in the dashboard and you can review it. Then you can tweak a few things yourself , such as the volume of the background music. In the real-time report you get insight into the impressions and clicks. Tips to use Wholesale Email List Spotify Advertising Spotify Ad Studio is a self -service advertising platform. Speed, flexibility and control are increasingly important in the digital world. So take advantage of Spotify putting together your campaign. I’ve listed a few tips for you to make the most of the benefits of Spotify Advertising. A Spotify account is required to get started with Ad Studio. Create an account with a general email address so your entire team can log in and create ads. There is a large target group on Spotify, but what they listen to differs. Respond to this with the results from the streaming intelligence that Spotify offers. So use real time targeting, genre targeting or choose one of the other 26 areas of interest.


Target Group on Spotify but What They Listen

For example, do you sell sports shoes? Then make sure that your advertising campaign comes up when the user listens to workout lists. Options in Spotify Advertising for real-time contexts. Do A/B tests with formats and creative texts in the ads. Creativity appears to have a positive effect on the results. 49% of Spotify users listen through headphones, creating a more personalized one-on-one experience . So make that connection and use Spotify tools to offer relevant ads at the right time. Do this in an impactful way, while your target audience is actively listening while they may be engaged in another activity. Minor tweaks adjusted? Save them, so that you can apply this immediately in the next advertising campaign. Save tweaks as filter. Promote an event or artist? Tap into the fanbase of specific artists or events with the same genre of music. Remember: control and flexibility are paramount with Spotify Ads, including when choosing and adjusting your target audience.

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