Think of Leveraging Machine Learning for Your Performance

But as with all new Google Ads developments, you first have to test them well to actually see what it delivers for your organization. Hopefully after reading this article you will have more insight into the latest developments. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Spotify has grown tremendously in the last decade. Dutch users stream an average of 2.5 hours a day and among young people between the ages of 15 and 25 this even increases to 6 hours. After a test phase in 2020, Spotify is launching an advertising platform that is now available throughout the Netherlands. Advertisers can now target even better with real – time and genre targeting. In this article I explain how Spotify’s ‘Ad Studio’ advertising platform works. Spotify Advertising, what is it?

Leveraging Machine Learning for Your Performance

In addition to targeted targeting capabilities, Spotify Advertising now also allows you to target based on real-time context or music genres. The target? Interest and inform the target group with your ads. There is a big difference between advertising on this platform and regular radio stations. Millennials listen much less to Restaurant Email List traditional radio stations. For this target group, the added reach of a campaign on Spotify is no less than 10 percent. In addition, Spotify needs significantly fewer contact moments to have an impact. Thanks in part to Spotify streaming intelligences that provide a unique insight into what users do at what time of day. Earlier we saw that many users listened to Spotify in the car, but now this is increasingly on devices at home.


Machine Learning for Your Performance

Keep an eye on new habits of your target group and respond to them with the new formats and content from Spotify. Personalization is important. Especially for ads that are ideally relevant or match the preferences and needs of the user. Screenshot of Spotify Advertising: Spotify Ads Studio. Source: Spotify . Spotify makes advertising easy for everyone A mixed audio or video ad ready within 24 hours ? You can arrange it very quickly and for free in Spotify Ad Studio. Because radio advertising was relatively expensive and yielded few leads or sales, audio advertising was not a popular marketing choice for companies in recent years. Spotify comes with this new approach to audio advertising that is easy to use in any marketing mix. Previously, the starting amount was 7,500 euros, but now you can use Spotify Ads from 250 euros and flexible budgets.

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