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Spain and that represents an attractive environment for advertisers, since they offer an attractive and immersive multimedia environment in which the Indonesia Phone Number audience is listening, either to follow the news, be entertained or learn new things”, he points out. the lost ark that all brands want to find. They are on the right track, but there are some that are somewhat behind compared to the rest. To help them continue their adventure Indonesia Phone Number this 2022, the platform itself has shared a series of trends to which the firms should dance.

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It has done so through the presentation Indonesia Phone Number of the report « TikTok What’s Next Report 2022 «. This offers insight into the areas that are seeing the most growth on the short-form mobile video network. Said study is advancing the content categories that are generating the highest performance. In this way, companies will be able to better identify Indonesia Phone Number ways to succeed on TikTok. 1. Fashion Fashion is one of the favorite themes of the platform community. It has recorded a 156% growth in views .

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In this sense, trends such as #DIY or #lifehack have been born , as well as concepts such as #Upcycling. 2. Beauty and wellness Another category with a high projection is the one made up of the duo of beauty and well-being. On the one hand, there has been a break with stereotypes and a commitment to naturalness . Personal care has reached such a point that views have grown by 120% , with a 52% rise in the creation of this type of video.

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