This Gives You Stars With Your Listing Which Inspires Confidence

The searcher clicks on the result, the landing page looks good. Time to contact this company. The place name Zwolle is stated in the contact details. This is not a problem if the seeker lives in Zwolle. But if this person lives in Amsterdam, this party is very far from his bed. Then there can be a threshold, but it doesn’t have to be. By working smartly with SEO, SEA and well-designed landing pages, you can ensure that that visitor will still make that conversion. With these 4 tips you will excel in local search! 1. Set up your Google My Business page 2. Research the search behavior of your target group 3. Build trust on the landing page 4. Write a unique page for each relevant place name What factors does Google consider to determine local search results? It is never 100% factual to determine the exact ranking factors that search engines use. However, various international studies have been conducted and there is a lot of content from SEO experts that gives you an indication of the ranking factors that are important.

Gives You Stars With Your Listing Which Inspires Confidence

An example of a study is that of Whit spark (2020) and ‘ Local SEO: The Definitive Guide (2021) ‘. Many ranking factors correspond to ‘regular’ searches in local searches. There are a few points that are unique to local searches as a ranking factor: The location of the seeker at the time of searching. Name and address details: this is your company name, address and telephone number. Present and relevant Google Pharmaceutical Email List My Business accounts. Keywords in the Google My Business account. Sentiment of online reviews (both the Google reviews and various review systems). In order to be found locally, you have to take these ranking factors into account. In this blog you will therefore read 4 important tips to get your local findability in search engines good. 1. Set up your Google My Business page To be found locally, it is important to set up your Google My Business . Research by Brandmuscle in 2019 shows that 33% of all companies have not yet created Google My Business.


Stars With Your Listing Which Inspires Confidence

Not every company does this, while this is highly recommended if you want to be found locally. The more complete you fill out your Google My Business page, the better your business will show up in local searches if you are relevant. In Google My Business you put your company name, opening hours, contact details and images. If you really want to excel with Google My Business , you can add additional information, such as offers or posts that last 24 hours. Even a tour of your building, showroom or shop with 360 degree photography is possible. Also read: Victim of a fake review on Google? This is what you should do Do you have multiple branches? Then you can add each location to your Google My Business account. This ensures that every location can be easily found in relevant local searches. Google Reviews Finally, it is possible for your customers to leave a review. This gives you stars with your listing, which inspires confidence if you score well.

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