This Is a Case of Omitting Specific Data

In the run-up to the national elections of March 15-17, 2021, as a frequent YouTube user, I have seen many election advertisements, from many political parties, many times. There are three that have stayed with me as a pitch coach. Because they raise the question of whether it is possible to get a political message across in extremely little time. Because YouTube has a ‘skip ads’ button that you can (usually) click after 5 seconds to bypass the ad. This means that you effectively only have 5 seconds to get a voter interested in your message. All three films had an effect on me every time they came along, both as a voter and professionally as a pitch coach. In this article I analyze what that effect is and why it works that way. And I’m very curious if they had that effect on you too. I look at what is left out, so at the art of omission. I want to talk about 3 films.

Is a Case of Omitting Specific Data

A short and a long one by Groen Links and a short one by D66. To be clear, I am a floating voter, I am not affiliated with any of these parties, and I am not a member of any political party. D66: omission of specificity Let’s start with D66’s. The variant that I have often seen starts as follows. In the first 5 secon List Building for MLM ds the voice-over gives the following message: “It is time for new leadership. That looks after people and looks beyond tomorrow.” I see a businesswoman (Sigrid Kaaf) walking outside and reading papers at a desk. And many pictures of people: men, women, old, young, white, colored. Everything about this says: generic. We are here for everyone. We have a broad target audience. Anyone who wants new leadership (read: a vote against Rutter/VVD) has come to the right place. The slogan also conveys this: “It is time for new leadership.” This first of all raises the question of whether this is indeed the case.


Case of Omitting Specific Data

And if the answer to that is ‘yes’, it is not clear with this slogan why this new leadership should come from D66. Because they look after people and look beyond tomorrow? Is there a political party that doesn’t? Yes, the Party against the Citizen of the satirical channel De Sped. Also read: This is what we can learn from the election campaigns In short: the target group for this advertisement is so broad that it has become a completely meaningless advertisement. As a floating voter, it does not invite me to vote for D66. This is a case of omitting specific data. What I would call: omission of specificity. Groen Links in short: omission of answer I see two different lengths of election ads from Groen Links. Short and long. This is an example of the short. In those crucial first 5 seconds I see a man sitting at a wooden table, with an open newspaper in front of him.

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