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Insight into the status of your products The Google Merchant Center is not just a conduit to display your products and product information in Google. It also gives you insight into the status of your products that you have linked to the Merchant Center. And in the performance of those products like impressions, clicks and CTR. It also gives you notifications about any problems and opportunities to get more out of Merchant Center. Example of performance in Google Merchant Center. How to create a Google Merchant Center account To get started you only need a Google account, for example a Gmail account. After that, go to the Merchant Center and log in. Then you go through 4 steps and you are ready to start using your account. Step 1. Enter company details You first start by entering some company information, such as address details, but of course also your company name.

Means That You Do Not Need

Please note that the name you enter as the company name will also be the name of the Merchant Center account. That is, users will see this name on Google. Step 2. Decide what the payment process should look like In step 2 you indicate what the payment process should look like. Google offers 3 options here: Checkout on your website. Customers see Vietnam Phone Number List your product listing on Google and go to your website to check out. Checkout through Google. Customers see your product listing on Google and buy without leaving Google. This is also known as ‘Buy on Google’. This option is only available in the United States. If pay on Google is available for your product listings, customers can still check out on your website. Checkout at the local store. Customers see your product listing on Google and visit your local store. This option is available in the United States and France.


That You Do Not Need

This means that you do not need to have a webs hop to show your product listings on Google, depending on the availability in countries. Step 3. Optionally connect a third-party platform In the third step, you have the option to connect a third-party platform to better display, promote and sell your products through Google. Step 4. Set your email preferences You enter your e-mail preferences in the fourth step. Then you’re ready to get started with the Google Merchant Center! Create and add a feed To show product listings in Google via the Google Merchant Center, you need a feed . A feed is a file in which you put the products you want to show in Google. You also add characteristics to each product. That is the data that describes a product, for example IDs, titles, descriptions, links, images and, for example, shipping settings. You can also enter the shipping settings later in the Merchant Center. Enter general information in Google Merchant Center. To ensure that your feed meets the requirements from Google, I recommend that you read the product specifications page carefully.

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