This Not Only Resulted In Even More Reach

To give you a good idea, I have listed some examples of TikTok campaigns. Just an example We recently launched the first TikTok campaign for Landsite MBO , aimed at the younger target group (13 -24 years). It was mainly a pilot campaign to generate reach and engagement, but also to see how this – difficult to reach – target group would respond to the content of Landsite MBO on TikTok. We did this by capitalizing on the TikTok trend ‘This or That’. This trend is all about making a choice. In addition, we looked at the landscapes (training courses) of Landsite MBO and here the choice is huge! We have chosen to show the different landscapes in the TikTok, by presenting a number of choices. In these choices we emphasize the landscapes by working with different suitable uniforms and/or backgrounds. As can be seen in the In-Feed Video below, where the choice was made between the Healthy & Well and Trade & Commerce landscapes.

Not Only Resulted In Even More Reach

For example, a total of twenty-two In-Feed Videos were made in which two different landscapes were depicted. Since it was a pilot campaign, we had established KPIs based on TikTok data. This is possible because we have close contact with TikTok. Our expectation was over half a million views, a CPM of two euros, a CPC of ten cents and Malta Phone Number List over six thousand clicks. Was that successful? Absolutely! With four million views, a CPM of 0.29 cents, a CPC of 11 cents, more than 12,000 clicks to the website, 51,000 likes and hundreds of comments within two weeks, the ads generated a lot of interaction and a large reach. Results videos And these are only the results of the TikTok channel of Landsite MBO itself. In addition to our own channel, we have also deployed videos on the channels of TikTok influencers (Nano and micro-influencers). These were developed by the TikTokker themselves on the basis of a briefing and placed on their own channel after approval.


Only Resulted In Even More Reach

This not only resulted in even more reach and clicks, but it also really brought us into the perception of the target group. This ensured spontaneous content that suited the target group, but also increased credibility, because the content did not only come from Landsite itself. The Google Ads environment is continuously evolving. As a Google Ads Agency you have the advantage that you get access to the latest beta functionalities in Google Ads. In this article I take you through the most notable betas of the moment. In this article, I’ll cover the following betas: 1. Google Performance Max Campaigns 2. Google Image Extensions 3. Lead form via Google Display 4. Pick Up Later – Google Shopping 1. Google Performance Max Campaigns In the past year, online sales have taken a massive turn and online businesses have changed.

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