This Serves As the Very Last Warning

Yes! But also a trend that you can no longer avoid as a brand. Do you have questions? Are you looking for the possibilities for your company? Or do you have your own experiences that you would like to share? Then let me know in the comments. Ecommerce companies often use target return on ad spend (ROAS). This means that you want to achieve the highest possible conversion value at the lowest cost. My advice: always start with manual bidding and only start testing with automatic bidding strategies when you have about 15 purchases in 30 days. From September 2021, Google will introduce a new pilot program. It is a system based on 3 warnings for repeated ad policy violations. This is to prevent unsafe or malicious advertisements from being displayed. The three strikes pilot applies to both text and display ads.

Serves As the Very Last Warning

This applies to the policy of facilitating dishonest conduct , unapproved substances and dangerous products or services . This includes ads promoting deceptive behavior or products, such as drugs and weapons, among others. Ads of this kind were also previously banned, of course, but tougher penalties will now be introduced for Georgia WhatsApp Number List each additional warning. Sign with the text ‘wrong way’ at article about Google’s three strikes pilot program. How does the three strikes pilot work? Below you will find an overview of what the warnings in the three strikes pilot mean and what the penalty is: type trigger punishment Notification First time ad content has violated our policies for facilitating dishonest conduct, unapproved substances, and dangerous products or services. Apart from the removal of the relevant advertisements, no penalties. First warning Within 90 days of a policy violation that you have already been notified of.


As the Very Last Warning

Second warning A policy violation for which you had already received an initial warning within 90 days of receiving that warning. The account will be blocked for 7 days. No ads will then be displayed. This serves as the very last warning to the advertiser to avoid account suspension. Third warning A policy violation for which you had already received a second warning within 90 days of receiving that warning. Account suspension for repeated violation of our policies. For the first two violations (notification and first warning), you must first correct the violations as an advertiser. You must submit a form before Google ads can resume. The warnings expire after a period of 90 days. If there are no further violations in those 90 days, the account will remain in good standing. If you receive a warning after this period, the process will start again from the notification.

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