This Way You Know Which Keywords to Focus on With Sea and Sea

And that is by simply testing with SEA campaigns. Set up a paid campaign with keywords that you found from your keyword research. Bundle the keywords in your ad groups to get a good idea of ​​the results. After 14 days you will know the result and you can adjust with new keywords. And if you get it right right away, you know you’ve got a good keyword. You can set up this local SEA campaign in two ways: You set local keywords such as ‘vermin control place name’. With this, the searcher really has to search for the place name in the search. If a searcher falls within your radius and searches for the set keyword, your result will appear. In this phase it is all about gaining insight and feeling about the search behavior of your target group. This way you know which keywords to focus on with SEO and SEA.

You Know Which Keywords to Focus on With Sea and Sea

Build trust on the landing page If your company is not located in a specific location, but you do provide products or services there, it is good to mention this in your text. Preferably as soon as possible after you have clearly shown what you can do for Pakistan Phone Number List your visitor. Be open and honest with your visitor about where you are located. That inspires confidence and clarity. In addition to the general tips for landing pages , it is important for local visitors to highlight the following points: Sincere customer reviews Make sure you have a good review system such as Kayo, Trust pilot or Akoma. The best thing is to put reviews on the landing page of someone from the same place name. We often see websites that make their own reviews and place them on the website.


Which Keywords to Focus on With Sea and Sea

This creates mistrust, so make sure you use a good review system. Show your work Are you from Utrecht and have you built a beautiful veranda in Hooten? Make a project page of this and show it. Got nothing to show? In that case, at least state that you also deliver in the place name that is being searched for. Be open and transparent about your service and show evidence of your efforts. Show the people behind the company Your visitor wants to know who he or she is going to do business with. A face or team photo inspires confidence in your potential customers. The same contact details should be everywhere This should not deviate from each other. Does this work? Then that is disturbing for both Google and your visitor. Show your quality marks and certificates Do you have quality marks or certificates that you can show from your industry?

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