Those Under The Age

So what is it that young people are demanding Greece Phone Number today? Authentic, brief and very visual content , in which there is The Age hardly any text. These are the keys that brands must integrate into their strategies in order to capture their attention. TikTok is the Greece Phone Number clear example of this trend. This platform, which is gaining more and more followers, is based on short videos and is sweeping young people.

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In addition, brands must look for other environments towards the so-called below the line media , which have greater segmentation capacity . Precisely segmentation is key to Greece Phone Number seducing new generations, since it is important to know their tastes, interests and Greece Phone Number even slang to gain their trust and get them to identify with the product or service.

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Borja Pesquera, Managing Director of this independent Greece Phone Number consulting firm with a global presence, highlights that “it is essential that advertisers define what the message they want to convey will be and how to do it, taking into account the speed Greece Phone Number of creation of trends and how these can benefit them to connect with their audience”. The power of conviction resides in the ‘influencers.

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