Important To Collect Data Manually First

Her customer journey shows how tired she feels at the beginning of the journey, but her mood is boosting after her experience with the meal box service. Linda’s customer journey. But is this impact permanent? When the crisis is over, a lot will have changed. Certain behavioral patterns that consumers have acquired during the corona time will remain in the long term. In addition, they will have an impact on the global economy and many industries. Especially after the crisis, meal box services will offer a solution for consumers who have become more aware of their health and who want to avoid crowded places as well as the supermarkets.

To Collect Data Manually First

Companies can respond to this with a new consumer persona: the concerned consumer who wants to avoid public places such as the supermarket. Meal box Andorra B2B List services can thus make a profit on the new target group, which is shown below. To give a bit of an idea about the typical customer after corona, I created another persona: Jan Verstraten. Post-corona persona: Jan Verstraten Jan works as a financial analyst at Philips. He works from home half of the week from his new apartment in Amsterdam South. Although there have been no new corona cases for a while, Jan tries to avoid public places as much as possible. Before the pandemic, he ate a lot at restaurants. As the crisis worsened and restaurants closed, Jan was annoyed at the risk of getting infected if he had to go to the supermarket.


Collect Data Manually First

During the pandemic, he discovered meal box services. He has tried the services and he liked the contactless payment and delivery. The recipes were easy to follow and the meals delicious. Because he has had such a positive experience, he will continue to use the service after the lockdown. Post-COVID-19 persona Post-COVID-19 persona Jan Verstraten’s customer journey Jan also follows the ‘think-do-feel’ approach. During the crisis, he thought about alternatives to the supermarket, because he was afraid of getting infected. Then he ordered a Hello Fresh meal box. Jan will continue to use the service when the crisis is over and recommends this to family and friends. The customer journey, shown below, shows Jan’s touchpoints and associated emotions. At first, Jan is worried about getting infected, which puts him in a bad mood.

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