To Draw The Best Conclusion

It is simply even more important that the data you do receive is reliable. GMP Google Consent example Visual explanation Google on how the Google Consent tool works. Have you read up on Google Consent yet ? Many parties will start working with this from the beginning of 2021. But of course you can already register now or try out the tool in beta. 3. Responsive Search Ads as Default Based on the developments in 2020, you can assume that RSA ads will become increasingly important. My prediction is that RSA may already take over the dominant position of the Expanded Text Ad (ETA) in 2021. An RSA ad makes it easier for Google to advise advertising headlines based on online content. Ultimately, it is interesting for parties such as Google and Microsoft to have RSA ads as a standard, which are then optimized by them on the basis of the website. As a marketer you can already anticipate this by testing (even more) with RSA ad formats . Not convinced yet?

To Draw The Best Conclusion

We have already received messages that temporarily only RSA ads can be created in some accounts. Also, new functionalities such as dynamically inserting user locations in ad texts are only available for RSA ads. 4. Revenue-based bidding Google is going to put even more emphasis on value – based bidding . This means that Google wants to discourage USA WhatsApp Number List strategies such as maximizing conversions or target CPA over time (yes, you read that correctly). For many e-commerce parties, this is not surprising news. Smart shopping campaigns already do nothing but optimize for conversion value. But for lead generation advertisers, such a Google strategy can be more challenging. Because what is the value of those brochures that you send with smartbidding? Most B2B parties had a quiet Christmas period, so hopefully you took advantage of this and started calculating your conversion value. Screenshot of SEA in Google. 5. Search without keywords Keywords will become less and less important.


Draw The Best Conclusion

In some cases, target groups are even superfluous. Also, the visible search terms in accounts were recently sharply reduced by Google. This makes it more difficult to exclude certain search terms with a low search volume. All these developments have in common that control is shifting more towards platforms such as Google or Microsoft. As a marketer, you lose the insight on which you previously based your reports. In order to remain relevant, as a pure SEA marketer, you will have to broaden your knowledge. For example, immerse yourself in enriching your customer data, so that you can base valuable personas on it. Fortunately, these are things that the tech giants (still) know less about! 6. First party dates Your remarketing audiences are starting to dry out as browsers are deleting cookies faster and faster. How do you ensure that you (legally) build up a good image of your customer?

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