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Hitler is German and German is solid, the market research had shown. This does not only happen in Taiwan, by the way. Hitler wine On our return trip after a holiday in Italy, we stopped to refuel just before the border with Austria. I walked into the gas station with my husband to pay. In a corner at the back of the shop we found a shelf full of Hitler and Mussolini wine and other Nazi paraphernalia. At first we looked at each other in shock. “This is a bit crazy,” my husband said at the time. We couldn’t believe that something like this was just there on the shelves. We felt slightly embarrassed. Then we did buy a bottle for a friend who was guaranteed to appreciate the joke. But where do you draw the line? Comedians who joke about the Second World War should be allowed. A drink in the personal atmosphere with a bottle of Hitler wine? Fine, but it has to be fun.

To Make A Decision

Shouting ‘Sieg heil’ on television because your former colleague speaks German so well? Do not. Christmas balls from Auschwitz? We don’t have to talk about that. Advertising with a supporting role of Hitler? It seems a hundred years too early for that to me. Column – A discussion that, in my experience, has never gone away seems to Burkina Faso B2B List be flaring up again. Does advertising actually work? Are the investments in advertising and media recouped? Articles from De Correspondent are regularly cited in various forums. For example, this piece about research into the effectiveness of TV advertising. Conclusion? Advertisers waste huge amounts of money on TV commercials that don’t work, and scientists publish mountains of advertising research that actually proves nothing. An even more comprehensive article entitled ‘This is the New Internet Bubble: Online Advertising’ shows how difficult it is to measure the actual effects of advertising on the Internet and in search engines.


Make A Decision

So what’s so hard? We all steer our advertising and media strategies on behavior and intentions. This means that advertisers and agencies are targeting a lot of ads to people who already intended to do, find or buy something. Then those securities or purchases are assigned to ads. We just don’t know to what extent someone would have made that purchase without ads. This is the so-called selection effect. To measure whether an ad really works, you have to distinguish the ‘selection effect’ (people see your ad, but already buy) from the ‘ad effect’ (people see your ad, and therefore make a purchase). . Selection effect In the articles of De Correspondent a nice lively example is given to explain selection effect. “Imagine for a moment that pizzeria Napolitana pays three teenagers to hand out discount coupons. After weeks of flyering, one of the three turns out to be a marketing genius.

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