Good Tool To Measure The Product

Only then can you convey what you want with your product descriptions. Customers who take action faster Following the simple formula is the perfect way to ensure a compelling product description. You combine paragraphs with narrative descriptions with a summary. When applied correctly, your product description will captivate customers. Well-written product descriptions are attractive and ensure that the visitor takes action more quickly. Let that be exactly what you want.At the beginning of this year. Who could have imagined that 2020 would be a turbulent year? At the time, it was still about the arrival of Amazon in the Netherlands, about the nitrogen crisis with the farmers’ protests and about the climate with the introduction of the word ‘flight shame’. Late last year I wrote about the e-commerce trends of 2020 . Which trends are still current? Time for an update!

Tool To Measure The Product

Delivery Shame Do you perhaps recognize that after a night of online shopping, every delivery service is on your doorstep the next day? I even managed to have two PostNL deliverers at the door at the same time. Or that you constantly have to disturb your neighbors to pick up your packages. We also have a new word for this in our shame culture South Korea B2B List after the flight shame. The language bank gives the following definition: delivery shame (de, pl.) shame that someone feels because the delivery of a package with a product that he has ordered from a webshop causes a lot of traffic, environmental and other nuisance. Software company Paazl even conducted research at the end of last year into offering sustainable delivery options.


To Measure The Product

The ‘Paazl Delivery Index 2019’, for which the Twinkle 100 was taken as the basis, showed, among other things, that the majority of consumers are prepared to opt for a sustainable delivery option, even if that means a longer delivery time. Unfortunately, we only see 8 companies of the top 100 large online sellers in the Netherlands actually offer a choice for sustainable delivery and also point out to customers. For example, these e-commerce companies show an option that states ‘need less kilometers’. Then if we look at the top 10 Twinkle players, 40% do not offer a takeout option. While other research shows that as soon as the consumer picks up an order purchased online in the store, an additional offline order often follows.

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