Top 10 Do’S And Don’Ts For A Successful Meeting

Meetings between colleagues experts or partners are essential for the work dynamic. However, they can very quickly affect the effectiveness of collective work when they are poorly prepared. Find in the following lines the steps to follow and the mistakes to avoid to make your meeting a success. Any company, like Sauditex , must keep the purpose of the meeting. In view in order to conduct a meeting effectively. In fact, this exercise. Will allow you to better assess the resources you will need to broach. The subject in a meeting. In addition, it will serve as a common thread throughout the debate. This way, you will able to convey your message more easily capturing. The attention of the participants. The choice of the type of meeting depends on the objective of the latter. Indeed, there are several types of meetings.

Those are Information meetings : the facilitator provides information to the participants. Information flows downward. Review meetings : essential and formal , they take stock of a project with all the players concerned. Exchange meetings : during the debate, the protagonists express opinions and ask questions on a given subject. Problem-solving meetings : as their name suggests, they consist of unblocking a situation that is getting bogged down. Decision meetings : the objective is to make decisions to get a project started in the right direction. The participants reflect together to give it a more favorable orientation. Negotiation meetings : the objective is to bring opposing parties together to discuss sensitive points and reach an agreement.

Conclude Without A Decision

Management meetings : they are centered on the management of the company. They bring together the members of the management committee. Schedule the meeting Planning a meeting takes time and organization . No matter how important a meeting, choosing the Poland Phone Number List  right date is critical. Each participant should be consulted and their availability taken into account. Then, in order to better control the meeting, it is essential to establish a program or an agenda. To avoid any misunderstanding, remember to confirm with professional emails or with the common employee agenda the date of the meeting as well as the various discussion points that will be discussed. Also, it will be necessary to check before said day the availability of the conference room for your meeting. Do not hesitate to share supporting documents so that your colleagues become better acquainted with the subject of the meeting.

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Prepare the documents and material points There are various processes for conducting more participatory meetings . It will be for you to favor the use of images, drawings or pictograms during your presentation. These will illustrate your presentation and make it less Cartesian so as to avoid the effects of a boring meeting. However, if you think that the texts will better illustrate your ideas, the narrative memo remains an option. This technique consists of putting your ideas into a story on a five-page document to distribute to everyone. The advantage of this method is that it encourages participants to identify with the situations. This facilitates exchanges during the debate. Alternatively, create a protocol by pushing your audience to move through a circuit or series of steps. Here, the goal is to awaken attention by constantly putting participants into action-reaction.

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This way, you will be able to capture their attention throughout the meeting. To avoid endless explanations, show your prototype directly if it exists. You can expose it by means of small videos or models to facilitate collective understanding. This method will allow participants to have a precise idea of ​​your program to understand its interest. Be attentive to the behavior of participants During a meeting, the non-verbal language matters as much as the words that are exchanged. However, we do not pay attention to it. It will be for you to involve all the participants in the debate. By encouraging the more reserved, you will get a multitude of interactions. As a mediator, it is your duty to identify the issues to be resolved. Thus, when you feel a concern in some participants, get them to express it to facilitate its resolution by all.

If you’re having a crisis meeting, make sure it ‘s calm and respectful . This will avoid settling scores and conflicts within the company. In addition, it is essential to monitor the timing. In this case, preference will be given to brief exchanges rather than long monologues. Note that the success of a meeting does not only depend on your organization, but also on the attention paid to you by your audience. Finally, to encourage participants to exchange more freely, it is preferable to adopt a facilitating style. This will allow you to coordinate the exchanges. Make a report At the end of a meeting, it is essential to take minutes in order to remind participants of the decisions. This report will also inform those who were absent from the meeting. It will serve as a benchmark for the next meeting.

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