Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for 2013

Conversions just don’t happen instantly for most products .’ What does this mean for your homepage? When someone feels safe to discover a product or explore the website, that person develops a stronger bond and trust in the product. It is even Saudi Arabia Phone Number possible that the site visitor only finds out by discovering or trying the service that he or she needs this product. A call-to-action (CTA) with ‘Order’ at the top of the page is therefore not necessarily effective. If the site visitor has decided to buy a product, this person will also find the order button Saudi Arabia Phone Number under the fold or in the menu. How do you handle this? Do not immediately ask on your homepage to order the product. Give the visitor space to discover what it is all about.

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A valuable CTA, in that case, is, for example, ‘Discover more’, ‘Read more about or ‘Watch the video’. A powerful persuasion tool is a risk-free free trial. So no ‘leave your credit card number and cancel when you want. Let the potential customer test the product as easily as possible, without difficult procedures. Discover a site safely in practice Slack is very Saudi Arabia Phone Number conscious about the CTA and copy. On the homepage, you will mainly see information and opportunities to learn more about the product. Slack gives the site visitor the space to explore, while the ‘Get started’ button remains subtly visible. Trello immediately asks you to sign up, through two CTAs ‘Sign up it’s free’ and ‘Start doing.


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You’ll see this before you’ve even had a chance to look around. A permanent ‘Sign up’ button in the sticky header makes it clear that Trello wants you to sign up, but doesn’t make it clear why you would want to. Slack and Trello. These are the rules of thumb for a positive experience, but they are by no means everything you need to think about when creating the homepage. How do you translate a brand into visuals and copy? What specific questions and needs do the potential customers have in their industry context? What makes this product better than the competition? Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for a perfect homepage. But thinking about the above points does bring you one step closer to a good homepage.

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