Top 9 Eco-Responsible Attitudes To Adopt In Business

The environmental news of recent years continues to alert us to the dangers to which we expose our planet, the earth. More than ever, the issue of environmental protection is at the heart of people’s minds and it is fashionable to ask oneself how to integrate an eco-responsible attitude into one’s business habits. We’ve thought about the question for you and come up with nine (9) ideas to make your business greener and more environmentally conscious. But, before tackling them, let’s first discover what the notion of eco-responsible in business suggests.The word eco-responsible comes from the fusion of two words: ecology and responsible. This neologism makes it possible to express the responsibility which is ours, in the rational management of the resources, which we have in nature.

In fact, this philosophy invites us to avoid waste; prioritize recycling; preserve natural resources, etc. Thus, being eco-responsible in business means carefully managing the resources necessary for the proper functioning of the business. The objective here too is to reduce the environmental impact. It is a permanent watch, which when it becomes a habit not only has advantages for the company, but also and above all for nature. This will allow you, for example, to save water and energy, reduce operating expenses, participate in the dissemination of positive ideas, green habits and, in turn, preserve the environment. What are these attitudes to have to preserve nature in business? Tip n°1: Use paper rationally Did you know ? It takes at least 10 liters of water to make a sheet of paper. Rationalizing the use of this resource is therefore a priority objective.

Tip #9: Be Reasonable And Understanding

Similarly, the more paper we use, the more waste we produce and only 35% of the 75% of paper waste produced in companies is recycled. For intelligent use of paper, it will be necessary to put in Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  place a few gestures, namely: opt for double-sided printing; unsubscribe from unread magazines; optimize content layout to use less paper; limit paper communication, in favor of social networks; use the back of the user sheets to make drafts; opt for digital presentations during meetings and in-house training. Tip #2: Reduce overconsumption of office supplies When we are in the office, we need to use a number of supplies. But, you also have to be careful. In order to preserve an eco-responsible attitude, we don’t need 8 pens and 3 notebooks every day. It is rather recommended to track waste.

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As a result, the company is obliged to make new orders (loss of money), which will certainly be delivered by motorized vehicles, polluting means of transport. Tip n°3: Regulate the heating and air conditioning reasonably In winter, we don’t need to create a summer temperature to be pleasantly warm. The observation is that in business we exaggerate by unnecessarily increasing the heating. Consequence: the energy bill climbs rapidly, which increases the environmental impact. According to EDF, “one degree less heating is equivalent to 7% savings on the energy bill”. Adopting an eco-responsible attitude would then be equivalent to investing in the insulation of buildings; use fans to support air conditioners in small rooms; opt for reasonable sweaters and heating, etc.

Tip #8: Make Eco-Responsibility A Philosophical Question

Moreover, reducing your energy consumption starts with the choice of your contract. It is essential to negotiate your contract carefully, in order to make the choice that best suits your consumption habits. Tip #4: Make green advertising campaigns Everyone knows that a good part of the budget of any self-respecting company is communication. Doing green communication could set you apart from your competitors. The objective here would be to offer eco-responsible promotional items to your customers or your target. This will not only help to spread positive ideas. But will also help to retain your customers who have the preservation of nature at heart.

So you can be sure that by doing this, you are promoting yourself positively.  You are also promoting a less polluted environment. Always to adopt an eco-responsible attitude, however, make sure that your services are as green as possible. The message you broadcast must be in harmony with what you do. Tip #5: Reduce unnecessary travel Being eco-responsible also means moving smarter. According to several studies, the employees of each company travel about 15 km a day to get to work. After a little calculation, we realize that this is about 6600 km traveled each year. Suppose each of the employees comes to work by car. Now imagine the environmental impact. You will discover that it is colossal and one could make a positive action in this direction.

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