Totals Of All Classifications Together

Start with the 5W1H method: who, what, where, when, why, and how Think about the who, what, where, when, why and how before you write. This method is essential for conveying facts from stories and will help you take the first step in creating a compelling product description. Who is the product you want to describe? For example, is your product description intended for men or women, consumers or professionals, school children or retirees? Do you have a clear vision of your target audience? Then answer the following questions. What are the basic data of your product? Think of dimensions, functions, features and materials. Where can one use this product? Is it intended to be used indoors or outdoors? Or can it also be used in the car? When can someone use the product? Is it meant for a certain part of the day?

Of All Classifications Together

Is your product suitable for summer or winter or is there a specific occasion? The long-term value is important here. Why Why is this product useful? Why is this better than the competition? Pay particular attention to the quality of the product. What does this product offer the customer compared to other products? Benefits that will speak for Saudi Arabia B2B List customers work well. And don’t forget that images can complement the product description well. How does the product work? If your product contains moving parts, it is essential to explain the functions of the product. You can use these questions as a set-up for accurate descriptions. 2. Determine the best format to describe the products After you’ve answered the questions of the 5W1H method, it’s time to create the product description. Choose the best format. Some visitors will only scan the website. That’s why it’s a good idea to include a summary that describes the most important details of the product.


All Classifications Together

Use bullet points for dimensions or short sentences for functions. This makes it easy to read and keeps it clear. Bullets don’t always have to be the best way to tell a product’s story. The public also needs other means of information. By writing one or more paragraphs about the product, you can make the potential buyer realize that their life to date is incomplete without the product. Your customer will think, ‘Why didn’t I buy this product before?’ So this is the chance to be creative and give your brand a personal touch. It can be serious, but it can also be casual. Also read: The 10 most important copywriting do’s and don’ts Imagine the following situation. You are in a group of people and someone you just met is talking about the product. How would you describe the product so that this person understands how great the product is?

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