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For nearly two decades, we have been excited to bring together our focus on supporting companies. And entrepreneurs with the most modern hardware in hosting and server rental services with yet another infrastructure innovation.

As we announced earlier, we entered 2022 with a series of innovations in our WordPress Hosting and Linux Hosting infrastructures. Now, with our Windows Hosting configurations, we make it easier for our customers to access new opportunities and strong trends.

The rapidly developing technology increases the necessity of protecting. The competitive advantage by getting power from new infrastructures. Configurations, which we launched in February 2022. Are just a few of the investments we’ve made in. Industry-leading technologies so businesses can keep up with this dizzying pace.

Windows Server 2022

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 enables organizations to manage their businesses with a secure infrastructure, and integrate their existing virtual environments into hybrid cloud models.

The new security features in Windows Server 2022, integrated into our Windows Hosting infrastructures, aim for the comprehensive protection that servers need and defense in depth against advanced threats.

Microsoft’s version of Windows Server 2022, which continually upgrades the server operating system for increased security and better performance, includes key enhancements:

Secure Core Technology DNS over HTTPS Benin Phone Number (Doha). Microsoft Edge Browser. Enhanced Hyper V Manager. Advanced Storage Replication

Windows Server 2022, which is generally recommended for companies dealing with complex infrastructures and can cater to different corporate uses, is designed to provide better compatibility and integration with other Microsoft products and cloud services.

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Our new Windows Hosting

Other notable security enhancements include Server Message Block (SMB) with AES-256 and SMB East-West encryption services, DNS over HTTPS, HTTPS and components such as TLS 1.3 and secure DNS. The secure kernel technology in Windows Server 2022 uses the trusted platform module 2.0 and Windows Defender system protection.

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 enables organizations to run their businesses with a secure infrastructure, integrate their existing virtual environments into hybrid cloud models, and reconfigure their applications to meet demanding growth.

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