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In social networks we fall trapped in a kind Albania Phone Number of vicious circle that moves us to scroll infinitely until. Our eyeballs  severely exhausted  end up bloodshot and almost on the verge of bleeding. Aware of the worrying dependency (totally deliberate, according to gossips) caused by its platform.  Instagram announced a few months ago the “Take a break” function . Which Albania Phone Number encourages the user to take a break from the famous social network.

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This functionality was not present until now in Spain and has finally arrived in our country. With “Take a Break” the user can set Albania Phone Number daily time limits.  Silence the notifications that come from the Instagram app . The social network itself will send notifications to the user to activate reminders in order to take a break from. The Albania Phone Number social network.

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The ultimate goal of this functionality is to spur the digital well-being of its user community (particularly the youngest) so that they restrict the time spent on Instagram and Albania Phone Number schedule breaks to make more moderate (and healthy) use of its platform. Teenagers are the main target of «Take a break» “Take a Break” comprises a set of tools focused on digital well-being and will Albania Phone Number send reminders to users who have been using Instagram for a long time to look away (at least momentarily) from the social network

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