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It is important that the desired conversion action is clearly and recognizable on the page. Make sure you don’t go to the other extreme either. If a web page is full of all kinds of different conversion options, it can be very confusing for the user. So make sure that the most important conversion action is clear and recognizable on the page. 2. Make sure your Sweden Phone Number website has the same content on desktop and mobile Is the mobile version of your website the same in terms of content as the desktop version of your website? Yes? Super! New? Then read on. Since the Sweden Phone Number summer of last year, Google primarily indexes the mobile version of every new website. They call it mobile-first indexing.

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Google maintains a single index for mobile and desktop web pages on the Internet and thus chooses to primarily index the mobile version of each page. For a correct display of your website in the search results, it is therefore essential that your website shows the same content on both mobile and desktop. Also think of the headings, images and other content Sweden Phone Number besides text, everything must be the same. Of course, the layout will differ for optimal display and usability on mobile, but it is also important to pay attention in that area. Lazy loading is regularly used for mobile pages websites: content that is only loaded when you scroll to it or click on it. Google cannot see and therefore cannot index the content that only becomes visible after an interaction by the user. So keep this in mind when optimizing your mobile pages.


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Has a lot of influence on how Google interprets and then indexes the content on your website. responsive design A common way is to use a responsive design for your website so that you have one URL per page for the mobile and desktop versions. The advantage is that you do not have to maintain two separate versions of one page. If you do use a separate url subdomain for the mobile version of a page, it’s important to set the rel=alternate and canonicals for each page correctly so that the search engine knows what the mobile and desktop version of a page is. and that they are not considered duplicates. With a responsive design, it is also possible to make elements on a web page invisible ( hidden ) or visible ( visible ) for certain screen size.

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