Unravel Research Conducts Erg Brain Research

The function of physical retail shifts to fun, physical interaction and. A place where you go to tell others you’ve been there. In short: the store is more than ever a day out. Shopping on smartphone 4. Online shopping because of corona And what about the online retailer? They did good business when consumers had no choice but to shop online, but what can they expect from the future? Here too, the rule of thumb applies that the consumer seeks the path of least resistance.  The few customers who previously did not know that you can find that one specific cable on the web with less cost and effort to connect your TV to a speaker, found out during the lockdown. The customer is more self-reliant than ever. In the field of such functional products, the battle seems to have been won.

Research Conducts Erg Brain Research

What about fun shopping? Online shopping is also more fun Interestingly enough, the buying motivation of online shoppers during the corona crisis turned out to be anything but functional, but above all they seemed to want to fill the lack of classic retail. Research into online purchasing motivation (Koch et al., 2020) during the crisis showed that Saudi Arabia Phone Number List customers were significantly more attracted to webs hops that make shopping fun. For example, the focus of customers appears to be more focused on exploring and exploring new products, whereas previously they mainly fulfilled that need under the roof of a physical retailer. The success of new technologies such as the online fitting room – in which you can see an outfit depicted on your own body in an unprecedentedly realistic way on the basis of a photo – also increased.


Conducts Erg Brain Research

In short: where customers previously regarded online as a more targeted alternative to physical retail, expectations have increasingly shifted to that of physical retail in a very short period of time. Wash hands on TV. 5. Effects of corona on advertising processing During the pandemic, almost every advertisement seemed to tap into the pandemic thematically. From complete storylines to accidental corona-related props. I was often asked to what extent this is useful from a commercial point of view. What happens in the brain when you use advertising to make people more aware of a not too rosy reality? Three do’s and don’ts for advertisers Unravel Research conducts EEG brain research into the effectiveness of advertisements. Particularly during the second half of the corona pandemic, we see a number of recurring patterns in the emotional response of the viewer. Based on this I have drawn up 3 do’s and don’ts: 1.

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