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Simply put: you don’t really have to be very creative. You simply select a product and advertise with it. Amazon uses the product title, image, price, review rating and shipping details already in your product listing and turns it into a simple yet effective ad. The only thing you have to think about is targeting. amazon product ad Targeting options Targeting is important in every marketing campaign and therefore also plays a role here. There are two types of targeting for Sponsored Product Ads: Automatic Targeting Manual Targeting Automatic Targeting With automatic targeting, Amazon determines which keywords and products you will be found on. For this, Amazon’s algorithm looks at the product information that is in your product listing.

An Extensive Article Appeared

Campaigns with automatic targeting are set up quickly. Another advantage is that you can discover new keywords and search trends based on Amazon’s algorithm. So you can easily analyze which searches your ads are displayed on and see whether this generates sales or not. Manual Targeting Manual targeting campaigns are perfect for Malta B2B List marketers who want more control or know exactly how they want to target. Here you can choose whether you want to target via keywords, ASINs (Amazon product IDs) or categories. Depending on the method you choose, you can set a bid per keyword, ASIN or category. My advice? If you have no idea how people search or convert on Amazon, opt for automatic targeting first.  Whichever method you choose.


Extensive Article Appeared

It also costs something to use the advertisements. Also read: What does it cost to sell via Amazon Netherlands? What are the costs? Sponsored Product Ads are of course not free and like most PPC solutions work on a cost per click (CPC) basis. Once a user clicks on your ad, you pay the cost per click. Whoever has the highest CPC wins. But of course your ad also has to be a bit relevant. Compared to Google Ads, Sponsored Product Ads are generally cheaper. I recommend starting with a budget of $10 a day and then slowly scaling up as you gather more information about your search. Staying at home has inspired consumers to use e-commerce more often for their purchases. As a result of the measures taken against the pandemic, e-commerce industries are growing particularly strongly this year. New marketing and communication challenges lurk. In this article I zoom in on the growth trend of e-commerce with related plastic consumption in the Netherlands.

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