Until I Wonder What They Actually Said About a Subject

He stares into the distance and hears a voice say “The cabinet is not meeting the climate target.” He looks into the camera and asks, “How do you see the future?” He stands up and then, as if he has heard my answer, says, “Exactly!” Where the D66 ad was not specific, this Groen Links ad is very specific. It focuses on one concrete political topic: climate objectives. That’s perfect: you can’t convey more than one message in this day and age. Then a powerful rhetorical tool is used: the question. Asking your audience a question is an age-old means of engaging your audience with your story. Here, that question is also well supported visually with a direct look into the camera. Then you have me as a viewer. Because when someone asks you a question, you automatically look for an answer . You’ve got me all the way if you’re also perpetuating the illusion that you’ve heard and agree with my answer (“Exactly!”).

Wonder What They Actually Said About a Subject

Regardless of what that answer is. I literally feel heard. As a pitch coach, I think this is an extremely good use of omission, omission. There is no answer to the question of how Groen Links sees the future in terms of climate objectives. But it is implicitly clear that they are in any case concerned that the climate List of Timeshare Owners objectives are not being achieved. This is an example of omission of response. Groen Links long: omission of subject In addition to these short, unanswerable election ads, Groen Links has another ad. It completely ignores all conventions about short YouTube ads. A YouTube ad from a whopping 5:39. You read that right: five minutes and thirty-nine seconds! A man (Jesse Klavern) stands with the Groen Links election program in his hand. He looks into the camera and says, “This is our election manifesto. This contains all our plans for the Netherlands.”


What They Actually Said About a Subject

These texts are also large in the picture. In the last, fifth, second, the text of his next sentence appears on the screen: “And I can imagine that you are not going to read this from A to Z.” To my amazement (I don’t like watching ads) I watched the full 5.5 minutes. Why? Because as a viewer I feel understood. That’s because I fully understand a dilemma I have: I want to read political party programs, but don’t have or don’t have the time for them. In fact, Groen Links not only understands this, but they also offer me concrete help. By talking me through the entire program in less than 6 minutes. When I have seen the complete advertisement I am excited. So excited that for the first time in my life I am considering voting for Groen Links. Mission accomplished , you might think. Until I wonder what they actually said about a subject that is very important to me as an ex-military: defense.

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