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It is not the first social network that wants to approach TikTok . Joining other platforms that have done it before, YouTube has announced that it will expand its Philippines Phone Number functions. In this case, the novelty to be included will let you know when a channel is broadcasting live.  YouTube product manager , who explained that they Philippines Phone Number are trying to offer users an easy way to access streaming .

A Mystery Shrouded In A Thick Fog, But Instagram Until Recently

In this way, around the icon of each YouTube channel, a “ring” will appear that allows you to recognize those that are Philippines Phone Number broadcasting live. The goal is for users to quickly identify whether a channel is broadcasting live or not. The same is already happening on other social networks, such as Instagram or TikTok . But, in the case of Philippines Phone Number YouTube, it seems that the colors are going to be fundamental. In principle, there will be several colors for this “ring” that will provide different information about the video and the channel in question.


Other news This is Philippines Phone Number not the only novelty that YouTube brings for this year. Neal Mohan announced a few days ago the changes that would come to the platform throughout this 2022. One of them alluded to the Shorts , the short videos, which have become one of the most relevant features of YouTube, since it Philippines Phone Number accumulates 5 billion views since its launch in 2021. In this sense,

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