Use All Available Distribution Channels

You’re contacting help center because you don’t understand how your ad violates the policy. But they can’t help you either, because the system indicates that it’s not right. In addition, it can negatively affect your relationship with customers if an account is blocked by incorrect flags. How can you prepare as an advertiser All in all, another step by Google where the algorithm is in charge. Practical for Google of course, but for the user it can have negative consequences. It is therefore important to take this into account as an advertiser by carefully checking your advertisements. This applies not only to the headlines and descriptions, but also to extensions and URLs.

All Available Distribution Channels

I would also recommend communicating this three strikes pilot to your customers in advance. This way they can take the consequences of this into account, such as Bahamas WhatsApp Number List any extra time you spend managing campaigns. Personally, I think it’s a good step that Google wants to increase the responsibility of advertisers on the platform. In addition, I do believe that Google should also take responsibility and take reports of incorrectly marked advertisements seriously in order to prevent unnecessary repetitions in the future. In this way, both advertisers and Google will benefit from this update.


Available Distribution Channels

It is becoming increasingly important to provide consumers with correct stock information. Certain products have a longer delivery time due to a shortage of raw materials or are temporarily no longer available at all. In addition, drop shipping is extremely popular, with consumers – without their knowledge – sometimes having to wait weeks for an order. Incorrect inventory and shipping information can flood customer service or cause the customer not to order at all, resulting in lost sales. In addition, whether or not to show stocks also has an impact on your SEO and SEA.

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