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Most startups would need to verify their concept to understand the strength of their idea. But can’t afford the high costs of traditional Market Research agencies. “To test the strength of the idea, a survey of about ten questions is sometimes enough , capable of returning the raw data in a few days , useful for increasing the probability of finding investors and for giving greater strength to the Business Plan thanks to the availability of data consistent ”, explains the AppQuality Marketing & Sales Support Specialist. The same agile approach is designe for large companies that have to make decisions in ever shorter times. This is the case of the test for a new TV advertisement for which.

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AppQuality collected about 500 Russia Phone Number  responses in 4-5 days providing feedback that would have taken weeks with a traditional approach, effectively rendering the result unusable because it would have arrived with the communication already. live. The cloud and technological evolution have made it possible to move from data warehouses to. Data lakes and high-performance analytical engines, that is, databases that are fast, sophisticate. Capable of providing information on huge amounts of data in fractions of a second. These enabling factors – says Giorgio Moresi – have made it possible to move from. Asystem that provided a simple data analysis to a truly intelligent system. Which offers much more information and which has a proactive capacity.

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The heart of efficiency, marketing, and sales are the inference engines, data analyzers that make it possible to separate what is really important for the business from other indirect indicators “.It goes without saying that speaking of high performance means having the right technology. And here a problem may arise because the infrastructure owned is not necessarily up to par. In fact, it is true that in the past it guaranteed a certain level of data quality, but in the face of already structured, organized data. Now much more data is being collecte. Which is not homogeneous and which comes from different sources. Therefore, a data discovery process must first be carrie out to organize this data. And only then can we proceed with the analysis. But is the infrastructure use so far able to give the same results by having to face more complex and demanding tasks?

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